Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wallacia Hotel Ride

Geoff texted me to go for a ride late Saturday arvo so who was I to argue with such great wisdom. We headed out with the destination of going up Kurrajong in the Blue Mountains. It was about 37°C(98°F) and after about half an hour Geoff changed the destination to Warragamba Dam. By the time we got there he said lets get out of this heat and hit the Wallacia Hotel to cool down. This was something I wasn't going to disagree with. Damn it was hot!

The air conditioning and a cool beer went down fantastic whilst we waited for it to cool down outside. The Wallacia hotel is a nice pub with a great little beer garden out the back. It was a very short ride and it was that hot that I didn't even get my camera out. To hot to be riding in this weather.
Wallacia Hotel


  1. That is a warm and toasty day. I bet you were marinating in your gear. I hate those days where it is so damn hot.

    I guess we are lucky here, when it gets that hot in the valley we can head over the coastal range and it will be foggy and misting at the coast. The heat in the valley brings the mist in off the ocean. Problem is, when it is really hot, most of the valley residents head to the coast so traffic is a pain in the butt. Of course riding home in the late afternoon into the 97 degree heat is no picnic.

    It is good you kept the ride short and stayed hydrated at the Hotel.

  2. Too hot to be riding? Sigh, I wish I could say that. It was barely over 0C here at Canada's West Coast.

  3. Chillertek,

    Feel real bad for you, hot weather, motorcycles and beer. Makes me miss the south, and summer. It was 30F here yesterday. I didn't go outside all day, not even for the mail.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  4. Now i see a different perspective that luckily i can still ride even though its bloody hot. 0°C and below is not fun to ride in. I'll have to curb my whinging and just think of the people who can't ride because of really bad weather.

    Brady i wouldn't be going outside either at those temps.