Monday, September 5, 2011

Forget Knee down, now it's elbow down

Check out Casey Stoner, none of this knee down pussy shit for him, just some hardcore elbow down racing .

Good to see Casey come 3rd in San Marino with only 5 rounds to go. Lets hope he gets up, he sure deserves it.

Nothing much to report here riding wise, it was fathers day today so i had many beers and watched the GP San Marino. Woo hoo only 2 weeks to go and i'm on holidays.

So out with this......
And in with this.......

Yep a 10 Day holiday to New Zealands South Island. I'll be checking out all the roads and noting them down for good sportsbike riding.


  1. Go Casey........So proud he is a kiwi! did steal Phar Lap.

  2. And just about everything else that has come out of NZ.