You Tube

This page is dedicated to all the video content that I have found on various Youtube channels. None of this content is owned by myself. If this content is yours and you want it taken down please email me and I will comply.

One of my all time favourite youtube channels is from rnickeymouse who has his own website He has lots of videos of riders on Mullholland Hwy in Cali and lots of crash videos. You can check out his youtube channel here

Here are some random videos from youtube. The first one is of various motorcycle crashes both on the street and on the track.

The next video is filled with racing incidents.

The next video is a motorcyling drift video. I didn't even know people did this sort of thing on road bikes. This guy has some balls.

This next one is a warning for all of us out for a ride on our favourite set of twisties, it doesn't get much closer than this.

Don't try this one at home folks..........

Now this is bike control.

I can do this. Hold my beer.

Stupidity knows no bounds.

How to load you bike into the back of your ute.....Not.