Bucket List

This was originally a blog post that you can see here. I've now made it into a permanent page so I can check off things that I've done. I will probably add a few things to this list every now and again. This is a list of things that I would like to do on a bike before I kick the bucket. Some of them I will do and some I won't but is sure will be fun ticking off some of these.

1.    Ride Tasmania   2003

2.    Ride the Tail of the dragon - USA

3.    Ride Alaska - Yukon - USA/Canada

4.    Ride New Zealand North Island  Feb 2017

5.    Ride New Zealand South Island  Feb 2014

6.    Ride Eastern Creek Raceway

7.    Ride Waterfall Way - NSW July 2018

8.    Ride on race slicks  March 2015

9.    Ride a Ducati Panigale

10.  Ride Trollstigen - Norway

11.   Attend a European round of Motogp or Luguna Seca

12.   Ride the Nordscliefe

13.   Attend the Isle of Mann

14.   Ride a BMW S1000RR  2012

15.   Ride Pikes Peak - USA

16.   Ride Philip Island Race Track Nov 2014

17.   Ride the Transfagarasan - Romania

18.   Ride the Great Ocean Road - Victoria Australia

19.   Ride all the inland Great Ocean Road routes - Otway National Park

20.   Ride the Summerland way & Mt Lindsay Hwy - NSW & Queensland March 2016

21.   Ride Gwyder and Bruxner highways - NSW March 2016

22.   Ride on an Autobahn at over 300kmh - Germany

23.   Ride the Black Forest - Germany

24.   Ride through Europe(France, Spain, Austria, Swiss Alps)

25.   Meet Mick Doohan and have a beer with him.

26.   Meet Casey Stoner and have a beer with him

27.   Meet Troy Bayliss

28.   Ride all of the great bike roads of Southern Queensland/Northern NSW

29.   Ride to Mt Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Zion National park

30.   Ride the Full Omeo Hwy  Nov 2017

31.   Ride Tasmania again. Feb 2018

32.   Ride the Mount Imlay Road. OCT 2015

33.   Ride around Laguna Seca.

34.   Attend the Methven & Greymouth Street races - New Zealand

35.   Do an Iron Butt Ride 1600kms in 24 Hrs on a sportsbike - Ouch

36    Do Daytona bike week - USA

37.   Attend the Suzuka 8 Hrs Race - Japan

38.   Ride a MotoGP bike(Honda or Yamaha)

39.   Ride Pacific Coast Hwy from the bottom of California up to the top of Washington - USA

40.  Camp at  Phillip Island Motogp. OCT 2017


  1. Love your bucket list. What a great idea.

  2. This is great, excellent bucket list!

  3. I should start my own bucket list. This should help me in doing things I never done before.

  4. I think it will be great if you added San Francisco to portland drive which is one of the best road trips ever in the USA.