Sunday, June 9, 2024

R&G Tank Gripz

I've had a lot of trouble riding the Africa Off road standing up riding up hills trying to grip the tank with my legs. It's a slippery smooth surface and you can't grab on and just slide back. I saw on the internet somewhere someone put some pads on their tank for better grip. I thought that's exactly what I need.

I saw they had some R&G tank grips at Bikebiz and duly put in an order. They arrived after 7 days, wow 4 days for them to process the order when they were in stock and 3 days for Aus Post to actually send them. I would have picked them up, but I was going to be in the city all week for a trade show.

Installation was easy, I just had to spend an hour washing the bike first to get it clean. A little heat from a hairdryer and they went on nicely. At least they don't look out of place on the Black African. Now just need a ride to test them out.


  1. Hi Steve, I had them on the KTM, mainly for paint protection initially. However, the grip was great when hanging off the side 😄

    1. Two jobs in one, paint protection and easier to hang on. Hope your doing well mate.

  2. Steg Pegz is what you need for hanging on while standing. 100% recommend them.