Sunday, April 14, 2024

Emergency PLB

For years we have been riding our bikes into areas with no phone coverage, and luck has been on our side where very little has ever gone wrong. After our last ride through Nowendoc Steve showed me his emergency PLB. It sparked a few things in my head.

I've always thought that at least one person on a ride should have one of these devices incase the worst happens. The adventure ride into the hills near Cooma late last year could have had all the hallmarks for the need of a emergency PLB if it went pear shaped. It would have been difficult to get an ambulance in there. It would have had to been a chopper and I don't think anyone had a PLB.

I was thinking about getting a Garmin Inreach Mini for a while. The Zoleo was also another consideration. They both have ability to send text messages via satellite. The only thing I didn't like was the ongoing fee's associated with using the device which ultimately turned me off these devices something like $25 per month. I don't really think I will need sms messaging anyway

I ended up buying the GME MT610G. It's a PLB, it doesn't have functions like sending text messages but it also has no ongoing monthly fee's and was pretty cheap, Repco had them on sale at $349 including the carry case. So I snapped one up. Its fairly small which is good and can be worn on my jacket/camelback or easily fitted in with my clothes. Lets hope I never have to use it.


  1. We must be getting old, what with all this thinking about safety and such...

  2. The $25/month charge was enough to discourage me. And I’ll never do any business with Spot again (absolutely worthless customer service).

  3. We must be getting old, what with all this talk of safety?!