Tuesday, June 27, 2023

This tyre lasted how many kilometres? Motoz Adventure review.

So way back in March last year I put on a set of Motoz Tractionator Adventure tyres. You can read about that here. The front tyre was the worst tyre that I have ever used. The rear tyre however is a completely different story. Here is the tyre when it was new.

Motoz Tractionator Adventure

Initial thoughts were wow the tyre is pretty noisy on the tar, which it is but that's not really a concern for me as I wear ear plugs so cancels that part out. You can feel the knobs as you roll along slowly but as speed increases that disappears. On the tar it's a surprisingly good tyre, the only time I had a few little slides was on a wet roundabout, which I've done on sports tyres. Probably more of an indication of greasy road surface than anything else. I've also managed to keep up reasonably well with the boys on their Tuonos, MT10's on the tar, when they push to 10/10's is where I back off a bit but still very impressive to keep up on this knobby tyre.

I've never had an issue with the tyre riding off road or on the gravel. In the gravel it grips really well with the big knobs and propels you forward. Even on a few of the steep climbs I've done the AT powers up the hill the rear tyre feels pretty planted, even when it spins up, very controllable. Not that I spin the tyre much, which is probably why I got such great wear out of it. I've read people on Facebook forums saying they only get 4000kms out of these. They must be spinning the tyre all the time to wear it out that fast.

Even in the mud coming out of the Turon River creek crossing the rear tyre was pretty stable, didn't really slide about too much, it's got a pretty aggressive tread pattern. It's rated as a 80/20 tyre 80% offroad, 20% road bias. Scotty on the Vstrom was sliding around on his more road biased 50/50 tyre.

The following photo was taken at 13,500km's just before the Bridle Track ride about a month ago.

13,000 Kms

Total km's I put on this tyre was 15,371 and it still looked much like it did in the photo above. I probably could have got 16-17km out of it but don't want to push it to the limits.

So visiting Tyres for bikes today set on getting another one of these tyres I was disappointed to find out he sold the last one 10 minutes before I got there. Damn. So I have to choose something else.

The owner and another rider that was waiting recommended the Motoz Tractionator Rallz, he said the tyre was a bit softer than the adventure but was still a good tyre. So that's what I went with. Time to see how this tyre goes. I'll report back later on after I've used it and let you know my thoughts. The tread pattern of the Rallz is similar to the Adventure, so I'm hoping that it will feel similar. 

Motoz Tractionator Rallz


  1. Nah, that mileage is impossible ;)

    I've had a Motoz GPS on the Super Ten and made it to 4,798km. Best I've had out of a rear is on an old E-07 Dakar - around 10,700km. I've got between 5,500-6,500 out of the new E-07+ version and eat Shinko E705's in about 5k.

    E-07's for the win! Will but one on the back of the T7 soon too (and possibly on the front - trying a more aggressive E-09 at the moment).

    E-07 fronts on the Super Ten last forever - 19-20k's.

    1. Serious mate, you've read the blog, got 21,376 on the bike on 2 rear tyres. There first tyre was shot at 6,000kms. Pretty easy math for your primary school kiwi to do. Get ride of those crap mileage Mitas tyres. I'll get twice as much out of them for the same price.