Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Motorcycles that make absolutely no sense!

Motorcycle manufacturers make bikes that they think they can sell and make money from but sometimes they don't always come up with the next big thing. That's right sometimes they get it very wrong, here's a list of bikes that make no sense what so ever. What the Fuck were they thinking.

In no particular order here is a list of 10 motorcycles that the manufacturers should have fired the designer.


Ducati 906 PASO

Aprillia Futura

Suzuki Hayabusa

Victory Vision

Honda Goldwing

Harley Davidson Electra Glide

Bimota Mantra

CAM AM Spyder

Yamaha GTS


  1. You are just fishing for bites.....

  2. I could agree with a few of those Steve! Got to agree with you and Brandy that the Victory Vision is horrendous, but there's always another side to the story! One of our IAM members has one (among his 6 bikes!), principally for touring with his wife. He brought it on a twisty back road social run one day and there were more that a few of us that were completely blown away on how well it handled! Soaked the bumps up like they weren't there and the torque was perfect for those twisties. Still wouldn't be seen dead on one but even so, massive respect for the way they go!!

  3. Buell Battletwin should be on the list

  4. I would have bought a 'Busa, but Mrs T said she'd never ride on such an ugly thing.

  5. I see flyboy may be eying off that can am i recon....WTF WITH THAT FUTURA?

  6. I'll bite...

    I've ridden a K1 (same colour too) - nothing too wrong with it once underway but doesn't really feel like the sportsbike it is meant to be. Heavy, low-revving and ugly. But not bad for it's time and considering it was limited to 100hp.

    I've also ridden a 'busa and would have one anytime (as long as I could still have my current stable). The one I rode had a quick action throttle and a TRE- it got up and went! Pretty comfortable too. Licence loser.

    I quite like the Futura but Aprillia have a bad reputation over here as Triumph is the importer and doesn't do a good job of backing them up.

    Wouldn't mind a Duck if you could get a reliable and cheap to maintain one...

    Will never have a Harley and the Vision always make a little sick. The Bimota is just a little weird but one of the Suzuki or Yamaha powered jobbies or maybe the V-due would be cool.

    Wings are awesome but not for this kid.

    Don't like 3 wheelers but one's with 2 wheels up the front have got to better than ones with 2 out the back. Never say never - might get old and doddery one day...

    The GTS is probably collectable and has a great donk in it - surely you like that?

  7. Wow this one really stirred up the hornets nest so to speak. These bikes are on the list for a reason, being either they are butt ugly or have a design thats makes one scatch your head and say WTF - case in point the suspension on that Yamaha.