Monday, February 9, 2015

Thongs not Crocs

I know Bobscoot was fond of his pink Croc's, I can't say that you'll see me in a pair of those anytime soon, but here is the aussie equivalent to the Croc, they are not croc's as such, they're called thongs and are great in the summer time.



  1. Nice touch getting the belly pan in there too.

    I haven't heard them called thongs since we lived in BC. They are flip-flops here in the USA. If you say "thongs" people think you are talking about skimpy butt-floss underwear.

    1. Thongs are great on women only, the foot variety however are good for all.

  2. Thank the heavens above he did not show us a picture of him wearing the skimpy butt-floss underwear!