Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nabiac National Motorcycle Museum

On the weekend we had to go to Forster-Tuncurry as the missus was doing a training seminar which meant that on saturday I had to look after the girls. Now what would two little girls, 6 and under love to do in a beach side town I hear you ask? That's right they'd love to visit the National Motorcycle Museum which is nowhere near the beach. Righty'o girls lets go, while the enthusiasm is still at sky high levels or until they realise that we aren't at the beach.

It's only about a short 15-20 minute drive to Nabiac from Forster, we were the first people to visit the museum which was about 9:30am, the lights were still out when we walked in. The owner Brian and Margaret Kelleher were fantastic people to talk with, very friendly with some great local advice as well. The cost of admission was pretty good too at only $12 to see over 800 bikes. Well worth it in my books. This is the largest motorcycle museum in Australia.

Wow look at all these bikes Dad.

The owners dog wouldn't leave little miss 6 alone until he ate all of her chips.

They had Tex's Hayabusa here, from Tex & Bundy fame. Click the link to check out their website. Bundy is the blue Heeler that has travelled over 600,000 km's on Tex's bikes all for charity and a great amount of fun thrown in. The girls loved the bike with the puppy on it.

Lambretta scooters

The shear number of bikes here is overwhelming. I would have never expected to see so many in a small town like Nabiac. They have motorcycle toys and memorabilia scattered throughout the museum. They even have a pair of leathers from famous Aussie 500cc GP racer Garry McCoy.

It was also somewhere around here that little miss 6 realised we weren't going to the beach and every 30 seconds began to ask can we go now, repeat ad nauseum....for the next hour.

Best to come here without any kids in tow if you want a peaceful visit.

So many bikes there stacked to the roof

 There was no information label attached to this BSA. From the photo it looks like a salt lake racer to which a little searching on the interweb has unearthed the bike does indeed belong to Mark Burrows a member of the dry lake racers Australia.

The Ducati section

RZ500 classic

 They had this old moto guzzi that I noticed the speed and taco were actually mounted on the petrol tank. It seems pretty weird to me even in this day and age.

Even more bikes

Classic RC30 and Fireblade

After about an hour of ear bleeding kids whining I had seen about all of the bikes. What a fantastic display of motorcycles from historic racers and street bikes, speed way bikes. I highly recommend stopping in to have a look around if your in the area and can spare an extra hour or so. Oh, and if anyone was wondering I took the girls to the beach after we left the museum, I'm not that much of a bastard.


  1. That might be my old Fireblade!! Pity about the non-standard screen on it. Nice museum.

    "Oh, and if anyone was wondering I took the girls to the beach after we left the museum, I'm not that much of a bastard." But, they are still there, aren't they?!

    1. Nah it wasn't yours as it didn't have many kays on it.
      I wouldn't know if they are still at the beach, cause I'm in the pub havin a few beers. They'll be fine.....

  2. Great stuff Steve, some pretty interesting bikes there and the beautiful daughters as well.

    I'm on the lookout for a '92 or 93 Fireblade actually

    1. Thanks mate, I'll have my hands full in 10 years or so I reckon.

      I'd go for the original model blade I think, i'd be worth more in the long run. The 98 R1 would also be on my list.

  3. The kids are adorable. I think it was good for them you dragged them around the museum. Will give them something to talk about later in life - remember when dad dragged us through that museum before taking us to the beach?

    Looks like a great group of bikes. Hard to imagine that many in one spot.

    1. Adorable eh, would you like to take them perhaps. I could swap you one gladius for at least one little girl.

      It sure is a lot of bikes in the one spot, well worth the $12 admission.

  4. Chiller, gobsmacked to hear of this museum. We spend time every year in Forster Tuncurry on our way to Qld and I've never hear any reference to it. Will certainly check it out next time we're passing through. Thanks

    1. Theo
      Next time your up that way you simply must stop in and have a look. You will love it. Trust me.

  5. thats a to-do on my list when up that way
    great family pics