Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seven Days seven bikes

If you had unlimited funds and could have one bike for every day of the week, what bikes would you choose?
This was the blog challenge that Trobairitz has thrown out to all bloggers. See here for details.

My Monday bike would be a Kawasaki Z1000. Just a pure and simple fun bike. I have liked the look of this bike since i first saw them on the road a few years ago.

My Tuesday bike would have to be the MV Augusta F4. This bike just oozes sex appeal. And its not a ducati. Seems everyone wants a ducati these days.

My Wednesday bike would have to be a BMW R1100. Why? Just so i can load the shit out of it and ride off into any roads i wanted like a trip through Russia and the Ukraine ala Ewen McGregor in Long way round. And because R1's are just no good for riding on the dirt.
Well this one is an obvious choice for my Thursday bike. Its Yamaha's mighty flagship sports weapon. The R1, now with traction control. Why? Why not i say. I already own a 11 year old one and I'd love to update to some newer technology, slipper clutch, cross plane crank etc.
I guess Friday would be time to have some smoking hot fun on a super motard. These things fly on the twisties. i want one.
For those lazy Saturdays it would be for some cruising or high speed fun aboard a ZX-14.

Then there is Sundays ultimate track day weapon. Casey Stoners RCV211. Need i say any more.


  1. Ha, as far as I see it you don't actually need seven bikes, only two... something fast and something off-roady ;-)

  2. Awesome and well balanced collection!

  3. Nice to see the Zx-14 made your list!!

  4. @ SonjaM - Your mostly right, all these bikes are capable of speed. Some are just more comfortable than the others. I am not a real big fan of cruisers though, i would prefer some type of tourer instead. Maybe my views will change as i get a bit older as ten years ago i hated street fighter bikes and now i think they are really cool. A real hoons tool!

    @Erik - I have always liked kwakas for some reason. I owned 2 and my mate had a ZXR750. They are great sounding bikes with very solid front ends.

  5. Great list of bikes there. I agree with Sonja it seems to be something fast and an off road bike. Well in the case of the motard it would be fast and off road worthy. Thanks for stopping by the blog and playing along.

  6. Great list! It's fun to see all the variety we riders choose. Here's my list: