Thursday, August 18, 2011

Motorcycling a Religion?

Its funny that sometimes we like to think that because you go for a ride every sunday that motorcycling is a religious experience. I've heard this many times in motorcycle magazines but i've been unsure whether or not this can be claimed as being serious. I mean how do i know, sometimes it can feel like a religious experience but  who really knows.

I have finally found out after much toiling that riding motorcycles is religious. How do i know this you say? Did it come to me in a dream or did i have a vision or out of body experience? No, none of this. It came from somewhere much more earthly than this. Read the below rego renewal from the NRMA and there you have the proof. Its now official.


  1. FFS! How much does it cost to register a motorcycle in NSW these days? Bloody daylight robbery.

  2. Dont't get me started, NSW CTP have gone up 100%. The thieving bastards.......